VISD volunteer appreciation

Vernon ISD is lucky to have some wonderful volunteers who step up and help at our schools when there are special events or other activities where extra hands are needed. And, others who volunteer every week and help in certain areas.

This week (April 16-22) is National School Volunteer Appreciation Week, and VISD would just like to say “THANK YOU” to all our volunteers.

Vernon ISD is also working to build both our PTO and volunteer programs. Some might think to volunteer you have to be a member of PTO, and that is not true. While most PTO members do volunteer at their child’s campus, you do not have to have a child at VISD to be a volunteer.

For more information about becoming a VISD volunteer, or a member of the PTO, contact Kori Eakin, Family and Community Engagement Coordinator, at, or 940-553-1900 ext. 2229.

To offer an insight into what being a VISD volunteer is all about, we asked three to give us their thoughts on being a volunteer.


Julie Hernandez has two boys, Max age 10, and Jacob age 8, who attend Shive and Central, respectively.

“I started volunteering because I knew it would benefit my kids. I helped with picture day and book fairs when I first started volunteering. Now, I go on school field trips when they need help and with any extra activities at school where extra hands are needed.

“Being a volunteer has been more than I expected. I’ve met other wonderful parents and gotten to know school staff more. And, I now understand more about Vernon ISD.

“If someone is thinking about being a volunteer and I’d say just do it. The impact it has on your kids is immeasurable. You will never forget the times your child turns with a huge smile on their face because they saw you show up.”


Nitika Hall has a grandson, Xxavier, who is a pre-k student at McCord Elementary.

“I started volunteering at the school because I wanted to be active with my grandson’s well-being. I do just about anything – from face painting, holiday decorating, helping with faculty appreciation, to helping in the classroom.

“I’m all for the kids and in today’s society there’s very little parent involvement. I would like to learn more about VISD and know the ins and outs of our future.

“I would tell parents to get involved and volunteer. A closed mouth does not get fed and if they want to be involved with their kids or grandkids they need to speak up.”


Amanda James has a daughter, Zoe James, who is a sixth grader at Vernon Middle School.

“I started volunteering because I knew there was a need. I enjoy the camaraderie amongst the volunteers. I think it boosts the faculty morale when parents show appreciation. I am usually with a group of parents passing out snacks, drinks, etc. to the school faculty.

“I enjoy being a member of a group of parents showing gratitude for the work the school faculty puts into each and every student at VMS. I understand more about how each staff member’s role is essential in providing a safe and healthy learning environment.

“I would tell others to just volunteer! It’s important to recognize the individuals who play an important role in our children’s education.”